The pursuit

Waking up into this world

Left me with unanswered questions.

What was the purpose to my existence?

I could not be a coincidence.

Where was the meaning in this madness

they call life?

I knew there was more to me

Then the textbook’s explanation

Maybe it’s because I’m from the x-generation

I searched for this missing piece of the puzzle

The unknown element

I absorbed books of knowledge

But my hunger for the truth was still unsatisfied

Google offered me advice

But all this did not suffice

I then went to a man as old as time

He told me what I seek is inside

Wondering what he could mean I strove to succeed.

The greatest artist or the best dressed?

Did I just have to be better than the rest?

Perhaps first team or even the highest IQ?

But as for what was still missing,

I had no clue.

Then sitting on the edge of the world

I began to see what life could have in store

What I was looking for

was not  something that one can find

Excellence is how you live

One day at a time


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