I kept thinking it was my face or my body

But she looks no more lovely

So there is only one other thing it could be

It must be my personality

Which is scary

But you say all they say spoke of you with negatively?


I always built you up

It no longer taunts me, the break up

But I’m messed up

Cause all I do now is give up

Every guy I see I sum up

I don’t know to whom I must live up


So what has me all stressed

Is you left me for the best

When putting that to the test

They seem worse than the rest

Who would of guessed

Surly then I must be everything there is to detest


I’ll just learn how to be happy as me

I realised without you I’m free

I’ll work till i have the key

I’ll be come what people thought I couldn’t be

I’ll show them what they still can’t see

Till then Ill smile graciously


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