Social Tattoo

Tattoos are permanent
Maybe they are a reminder or a memory
Beauty is within
Your worth is beneath the skin

So then I ask you
Who is your tattoo artist?
Who are you letting ink your inner self?
Do you even know what they are writing?

Tattoos are permanent
So are harsh words
So are memories
So are dark regrets

Are these people adding lipstick with laughter?
Or smearing mascara with tears
Are they make up artists of beauty?
Or are they creating a clown

It’s your friends
Your family
And the people you let in
They tattoo your soul


2 thoughts on “Social Tattoo

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  1. But we should also learn to let go of our past because, if we experienced traumatic events, we have to let go and erase them, if we don’t, we may never be happy and find peace of mind

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