Kim’s Rose

A laugh carries more than a sound

And a letter holds more than a message

This is what I have found

In the wind a rose must have courage

Your life has potential

Far greater then start and end

You can be monumental

This world is yours to bend

A tear is made of more than water

And a hug gives more than heat

Some things have so much more to offer

They are slightly more discreet

I would pray to God for your future

But I see his hand on your soul and mind

I know His plan for you could not be richer

Your hearts desires in him you will find

There are more to dreams then sleeping

And more to a photo then a 2D image

No matter what life may bring

In the wind a rose must have courage


Puzzle Piece

It’s not going to work

It’s never going to work

Stop because I know it won’t fit

Can you not see it’s not a set?

Have you seen a fire burn on snow

Or calm in the middle of chaos?

How can I explain

How can I make you understand

Without causing you pain?

Some pieces are not meant to fit

That’s how they were made

No I don’t like seeing you squirm

As you draw out the pain

This is not my doing

It’s your persistence you must blame

It’s not that I find something wrong

Or that you coming on to strong

There is nothing you need to rearrange

I don’t find you strange

It just won’t fit

It’s too out of place

The pieces are to different

To different to change

Empty City

I don’t want to say this

I am no sadist

There is nothing to hide

I have tried.



We just do not suit

It feels like you have been put on mute



You need to work on your “me”

Before you try to know a “we”

It is something you must understand

Thought this I can’t hold your hand



I’m trying to be bold

But you’re an onion

With too many layers to unfold

Making my heart weigh a ton.



When I see you I feel pity

You look an empty city

Every building tall walls

And too many closed doors



I see your tiers aren’t clear

On your face like a stain

Is it fear

Or is it pain?

Carless Ruins Good

Reading my latest novel of choice

With a coffee on the table and macaroon in hand

Catching me off guard with that voice

An angel in a black suit standing on land

First date followed with hundreds more

A catch, A dream, A prince

With every tiny gesture you had in store

I would kick down a fence

Smart and charming

Crazy, caring and strong

It was so unarming

I had not felt this in so long

Walking to your house a fall day

On the side walk with flowers in your hand and a smile you can’t ignore

You came walking my way

Then she came out your door

As I saw her on the path I stopped

Looking to the door and back at me I saw it

The smile went flat and my eyes turned to concrete

Silence as I lifted my head and walked straight past

Shouting begging and pleading would be no good

No lie and no half truth would do

Striding away as you stood

We were through

The Problem Is You

Honey you were DEFINITLY the problem. The amount of time spent on missing you is sickening. 2 months of dating… what is that? Found a new girl at the drop of a hat. Saying you want to be friends, no you just want to hear drama. The things you do… your only enemy is karma. Two years and 10 girl friends latter you are still calling them crazy. When are you going to wake up and realise your idea of a relationship is lazy. Now you got a boyfriend and that is fine. Saying gender made you blur the line. You can put a rock in water but that won’t make it grow. The day you have a decent personality is when Hell sees snow.

At its worst

It is a knock to the mind

Making me want to hide.

Bringing a pain to my brain

I swear I’ll go insane

At the count of three

I’m ready to flee

It is a ripping of the heart

Nearly tearing it apart.

I shiver and shout

As it turns my insides out.

It is a shock to my system

Because I don’t want to listen

There will be no peace

There will be no calm

At the sound of that Monday morning alarm.

New ties

Looking through my closest I saw my blazer
My highschool blazer of years past
As I put it on I found a tie
I remember when I vowed to never wear one again
But that was a lie
Now I wear no uniform
But I am tied to expectations of succes
To be being better than the rest
I am tied to ideas I can’t put into question
I am tied to a thoughtless generation
So I put on my old tie as a symbol
As the new ones are invisible
Tied to this skin I never chose
Assumed to lift up my nose
Tied to an institution with less success than before
My mom warned me not to sleep in a tie
As it will strangle you in the night

But I am tied to these hell hounds I can not fight
I am told let sleeping dogs lie


Wrong Question

She told me she had a nightmare
Questioning my purity
Me sitting on a shelf like a trophy
Then questions when I’m gonna date
Or how soon I’m gonna marry
I warned her in primary
About all her restrictions

And the consequences they carry

She is worried about me creating life
When she should be more worried
About me ending it

I know it’s morbid
I doubt I’ll go through with it
But damn it is tempting
Leaving this world to the monsters
It had a hand in creating

No Stone Heart

How can my heart hurt so much

When it is impossible for me to have one

To even skip a beat at the very

thought of your name

I always thought seeing someone

stop loving you

was worse than hearing it

but I am no longer sure

Waiting for anger, grief or misery

to fill this empty laughing ever silence

When I see that deep fire in your eyes

chilling me through my shield

right to my soul

I just wanted to be something you could miss

Because counting your breaths

Gave me strength

For death being so beautiful

and hatred looking so inviting

At least ’till death has an end

But what happens when you were

Never truly alive

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